Northaw Great Wood 21.03.04

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21.03.04-northaw.great.wood-001 21.03.04-northaw.great.wood-002 21.03.04-northaw.great.wood-003
dead silver birch beeches more beeches
21.03.04-northaw.great.wood-004 21.03.04-northaw.great.wood-006 21.03.04-northaw.great.wood-007
two seconds later in the sun passing clouds some sort of shelter
21.03.04-northaw.great.wood-010 21.03.04-northaw.great.wood-012 21.03.04-northaw.great.wood-014
birches more birches yet more birches
21.03.04-northaw.great.wood-016 21.03.04-northaw.great.wood-017 21.03.04-northaw.great.wood-019
beeches at the sinkholes same view in colour and again
21.03.04-northaw.great.wood-021 21.03.04-northaw.great.wood-022 21.03.04-northaw.great.wood-024
and again in B&W monochrome strangeness more beeches at sinkholes

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