Cambridgeshire Churches

Childerley, St Nicholas or Mary


Once upon a time, there were two villages here, and two churches. Now, nothing remains: the village of Little Childerley disappeared during the middle ages, and Great Childerley was cleared in the 17th century by the lord of the manor, Sir John Cutt. So, neither church now remains: but at least Sir John's descendents have a nice deer park. The Royal Commission believes that Little Childerley lay to the north-west of Childerley Hall, but there's no sign of the church.

The village of Great Childerley was to the south-east of the hall, with the church sitting towards the eastern end of the site. After its destruction and the removal of its ecclesiastical functions to the private chapel of the hall, it was apparently used as a brewhouse and stable for a while, before disappearing entirely some time in the 19th century. Nothing now remains, and the estate is private, so there's no chance of investigating. I hope the deer appreciate it.

St Nicholas (or St Mary) no longer exists, and the site is private land.

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